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Let’s Go Shopping: 5 Tips Before You Buy Kitchen Equipment


After years of avoiding the kitchen to whip up a fresh home-cooked meal, you have finally decided to venture into the culinary world. Whether it is because you were intrigued by cooking from a Food Network television show or because you have gone vegan, cooking is now your brand new passion. All we can say is congratulations, good luck and good for you!

With this newfound interest, you are deciding to give your kitchen a bit of a makeover. You’re getting rid of that 23-year-old microwave, installing a new oven and buying a new set of utensils.

Like anything else you purchase for your humble abode, you need to understand certain things about kitchen appliances, utensils, tools and other items that help you bake the greatest cake known to man or cook a lasagna that will have your Italian grandmother blush a little.Everything from buying appliances to maintaining those same appliances, some tips will help.

Here are five things you must know about your kitchen equipment:

1. Expensive Doesn’t Really Mean Better

A common mistake that households and restaurants alike make is believing that expensive really means better kitchens. This is incorrect because expensive doesn’t always mean better.

Do you know what really matters in the end? The brand, the technical specifications, customer reviews, testimonials, warranties and the list goes on – and these are more important factors.

If you’re deciding between a $2,000 refrigerator and an $850 fridge, be sure to choose the latter.

2. Always Read the Fine Print & Instructions

Yes, you are excited about trying out your new stand mixer or your warming drawer. However, be sure to refrain from diving head first into your products or appliances so you don’t err.

Prior to use, you should read all of the fine print and meticulously comb through the instructions. Perhaps you are a do-it-yourself person, but it is always prudent to peruse the paperwork inside the box. By doing this, you avoid any complications or significant mistakes that may produce substantial damages or overall harm to yourself, your appliances or your overall kitchen.

3. Stove Maintenance is a Bit Complicated

There are two primary types of stove/ovens on the marketplace right now: electric and gas. The one you select will likely depend on the type of kitchen you have or what type and how much cooking you will be performing on a day-to-day basis.

Properly maintaining an oven can be complicated because it is true that maintenance is very little – changing a light bulb, wiping down a spill or turning on self-clean – but there is one area that can drive a homeowner mad: dirty burner drip pans (or bowls) that are nearly impossible to clean. The only option to this conundrum is replacement because you can’t clean them.

4. The Best Sharp Knife Possible – a Sharpener, Too!

If there is one item in your kitchen that will be used multiple times per day it will be your knife.

Since this is a heavily utilized product in your kitchen, you need to ensure that you obtain the best sharp knife possible – a knife at the dollar store will not suffice. Moreover, it would be a good investment to complement your knife with a sharpener as well to expand its lifespan.

5. Black Oven Mitts

This may be common sense, but oven mitts are oftentimes neglected by homeowners. Because you will be constantly grabbing items from the oven or the microwave, a good set of black oven mitts is what you will exactly need to avoid burns.

Again, a pair of oven mitts from the dollar store will not work. You need a heavy set of mitts.