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Living Lavishly: 4 Perks of Living In Furnished Apartments


If you are moving for just a short period, then it is advisable you look for short term rental furnished apartments. It saves you time, the hustle of moving in and even money. Furnished apartments are ideal short business trips and anyone who hates the agony of carrying furniture every time you move. Since their benefits are numerous, we will just look at four of them.

1. Ease of mobility

Imagine you have gone for a business trip in Toronto or Quebec and you have chosen a rental apartment, unfortunately, the drainage system is not working or there is an odor from the surrounding. You have already moved your furniture and appliances so you cannot move again due to the chaos of moving such heavy items. You are bound to stick in an apartment you despite. Furnished apartments remedy all this, if you are not comfortable with the apartment you chose, you can easily move without worrying about moving your furniture or home appliances.

2. Cost-effective

Renting a furnished apartment is way cheaper than renting an unfurnished one. Settling an unfurnished one might cost you less in terms of rent but eventually, you will have to furnish, and it is expensive. It comes with TV, furniture, curtains, bed, mattresses all you do is pack your clothes and move in. Chances are it is just a short-term rental for the period you are either attending a conference or just a normal business trip.

3. Maintenance free

The apartment owners maintain everything in perfect working conditions. So when anything is not working, you just call and swiftly a repair crew is knocking at your door. You are exempted from the headache of calling the plumber when the drainage is not working or the technician when the fridge is not functioning effectively. This entire headache is shouldered by someone else.

4. Home décor

If you are a home décor enthusiast, then you are in luck. Furnished apartments offer an amazing aesthetic appeal that will catch your eye. Sculptures, pictures, neat flower arrangements are some of the home décor appealing you might expect to find. The owners ensure that the apartments are nicely decorated to appeal to the eye of everyone who intends to rent. You can also request to have seats or pictures changed or rearranged to meet your taste.