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Most Fierce Torture Techniques Which You Wish Nobody Ever Goes Through


Our Forefathers were indeed cruel. Don’t believe me? Just read along the most fierce torture techniques used by them:

1. The Head Crusher

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This ones plain and basic. the victim would have their chin set over the base bar and the head under the upper top the torment and after that the the screw was turned which resulted in the head being compressed and eventually pulverized.

2. The Top or Boats

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It comprised of the casualty to be caught between two boats put in a top. They were then force fed a diet comprising of drain and nectar in the end bringing on a quite terrible instance of diarrhea. This smell of spoiling dung, reminiscent of drain and nectar would pull in bugs and moths which would breed and feast upon the casualty’s body in this manner, prompting to a long and agonizing death.

3. The Brazen Bull

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Victims were placed inside and the door was shut. Victims would screen thrash and bang inside the desperate attempts to escape and the cries for help were muted by the bull’s hollow. Because of the way it was designed, these bangs and screens made it seem like the bull was alive and from the outside it sounded like a real bull.

2. White Torture

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This method doesn’t target extreme physical pain instead, it targets emotional and extreme psychological destruction. The victim is locked in a room which is¬†completely white. Any sound victims who have gone through this ordeal have reportedly said they lost all self identification and couldn’t even recognize their own mother or fathers faces.

1. Rat In A Cage

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It starts with having a cage or a metal container of some kind strapped to your stomach. Inside that cage contains a rat or multiple rats which are literally trapped and scampering around on your torso. The cage would then be heated and as the cage got hotter and hotter the rats would start to panic and start trying to escape. Now which is the easiest escape route for the rats through the metal container or through your body? You guessed it right.

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