Sell Yourself! 5 Ways to Succeed In Your Sales Job


    If you think a sales jobs consists of shouting industry jargon, citing key metrics and espousing clichés (how many times do we have to hear “Let’s run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it” or “Let’s put it in a saucer and see if the cat licks it up”?) then you would be wrong.

    Today’s generation of a sales job is a lot more than what you would see in “Glengarry Glenn Ross” or “Mad Men.” In the modern era, selling includes a dedication to customer service, marketing your expertise and working in a team-oriented environment. You aren’t solo.

    Due to the transformation of what selling is all about, young college graduates are hopping on the sales train. They have realized that it isn’t all Willy Loman, but rather an exciting industry.

    Of course, the biggest hurdle for any novice salesman to overcome is their first sales job. Although selling can be fun and exhilarating, it can still be overwhelming to a newcomer.

    Here are five tips for succeeding at your first sales job:

    1. Listen to Your Industry Elders

    If you come across a salesman who has been in this business for at least 20 or 30 years then start paying attention to them. They have seen it all, and likely have accrued a lot of wisdom. Everything from the category of clients to the technology utilized, these industry elders should be listened to because they have survived this long in an always evolving field.

    2. Be Intrigued by the Product or Service

    The only way you can sell a product or service is if you’re already sold on it as well.

    If you think that a product is useless or unnecessary then you won’t succeed in nabbing a sale. How can you excel at selling this item? Start playing around with it, begin learning all of the different functions and wonder how consumers can utilize the thing for their own lives.

    3. Get Used to Rough Economic Conditions

    Selling in a recession, sluggish economy or financial crisis can seem rather impossible. Whether you are involved in business-to-business sales or retail sales, you must learn how to adapt to these economic conditions, which will never be easy for anyone, young or old, novice or veteran.

    This is why you must flourish during the roaring times so you can be prepared for the downtime.

    4. Add Positivity to Every Aspect of Yourself

    Let’s face it: no one wants to purchase a product or a service from a miserable and morose salesman. You can only sell a product if you are happy, positive and excited yourself.

    How can you achieve this positivity? Here are several tips to take advantage of:

    • Dress for the part; wear professional attire.
    • Refrain from frowning; maintain a happy facial expression.
    • Stand tall and don’t slouch as you walk or stand with someone.
    • Show off your pearly whites by regularly smiling.
    • Never be phony; just be yourself but happier at the same time.

    You will see a busy sales sheet thanks to the power of positivity.

    5. Maintain An Open Demeanor

    It’s true that it can be rather difficult to be honest when you see flashing dollar signs in front of your face. You may toss all of your integrity, honesty and even positivity in the trash bin if you think that you can earn a killing on a sale.

    If this ever happens then do not fall for it. You must maintain an honest demeanor at all times. You can think of it as an investment in the future.

    One of the reasons why some salesmen last in this business is because they remain honest, and clients appreciate that type of behaviour.

    Sales can oftentimes be a tough racket. You need to persevere, adapt and be ready for all of the challenges that arise. Once you become accustomed to the nature of sales, you can not only survive but also thrive. If you succeed at your first sales job then you will be able to flourish at any other kind of sales position and environment. All you should do is get ready for anything.