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Surprise! 7 Ways to Prepare for Restaurant Inspections with the Latest Technology


If you are used to performing restaurant inspections with paper forms, you might be wondering how to make the transition to mobile forms. It’s important for you and your team to understand that mobile forms can bring you many advantages, and that using them to replace your paper forms will not be that complicated.

When you have found the right provider of mobile solutions, here is how you can use mobile forms to simplify your restaurant inspections.

1. Easily create cleaning and inspection checklists

You will be able to use your mobile form builder to create and customize forms that will be similar to the paper forms you are used to work with; cleaning checklists, inspection checklists, and more.

However, your new mobile forms will probably not look exactly like your paper forms, since they can be enhanced with many features that will make your job easier and increase your efficiency.

2. Fill out forms on your mobile devices

Mobile forms can be filled out on any smartphone or tablet, which will allow the members of your team to use their own mobile devices to perform their restaurant inspections.

You might think that an internet connection is required to use mobile forms, but this isn’t the case. Most mobile form solutions make it possible to fill out forms whether you are online or offline.

3. Add time stamps and GPS locations automatically

When you fill out a mobile form, the right date and time stamps will be added automatically, to help ensure the authenticity of your inspection.

The GPS location of each restaurant you visit and inspect will also automatically be added to your mobile forms, so you won’t even need to think about entering it yourself.

4. Add photos of health and safety issues to your mobile forms

Have you ever felt the need to add photos to your paper forms during your inspections? With mobile forms, attaching pictures to your forms is possible, and will only take a minute.

You can use this feature to add photos of any health and safety issue or violation you see, and to write notes attached to each picture, or to draw directly on them using your finger or a stylus.

5. Attach photo guidelines

Of course, you can also use your mobile forms to share photo guidelines with your team, or to demonstrate that an issue has been fixed with a few pictures that show the improvement.

As long as you are able to take photos with your mobile device, you will be able to add photos to your mobile forms in an instant, compared to the different steps you had to take to attach photos to your paper forms.

6. Receive instant notifications from your team

Another amazing feature of mobile forms is that they allow you to instantly share the results of your inspections with your team, and to send out and receive notifications.

Instead of waiting until you have reviewed your forms and created a report, you can create, share and manage an action plan right away. This makes your whole team more efficient as communication and cooperation become easier.

7. Compare results and improvements over time

Using mobile forms will also make it simple for you to review and compare, right from the screen of your mobile device, the results of your inspections. Performance reports will let you see which issues are trending, and which restaurants have the most problems.

Those reports will help you figure out if things are getting better or worse over time, for each area you are working in.


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