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Top 5 Deadly WAR Weapons Still In Use Today (Watch Video)


Thank the heavens and the UN that most of the weapons of mass destruction are categorically banned. Now here are the baddest ones that are not.

1. HEAT Ammo

Photo Via David Monniaux

These are at number five because they aren’t really that dangerous to civilians, but they are unpleasant nonetheless. You’d think you’re pretty safe sat in a tank – a big old metal box with several inches of steel surrounding you. And you were, until late ww2. That’s when HEAT (High-explosive anti-tank) Ammo rounds came into existence as they turned the tank into your coffin in no time.

2. Depleted Uranium

Depleted Uranium is a by-product of nuclear enrichment, a form of uranium that has less fissile materials than natural uranium. But whilst it’s not all that radioactive, it is very, very dense and just lying around, making it ideal for Armour piercing bullets and tank shells. So why is it so horrible? Well, it’s what it does when it hits its target.

3. White Phosphorus

Via Wikipedia

On the surface, white phosphorus is just fine and harmless Oh, except when it actually hits something. Because then it becomes a bubbling, boiling substance that sticks to everything and can melt flesh down to the bone.

2. Cluster Bombs

Via freemalaysiatoday.com

What’s worse than a bomb? Several thousand tiny ones, that’s what. Especially when half of them don’t go off either by accident or because they’re waiting for some unfortunate soldier – or just as often civilians – to step on them or pick them up.

1. MIRV’s

Via Wikipedia

They are more scarier than Beliebers.

Ok maybe that’s an exaggeration 🙂

So what would happen if you crossed a nuclear missile, with a cluster bomb. You’d end up with a MIRV, or A multiple independently target able reentry vehicle.That’s one missile with the potential to single handedly wipe out London, Berlin, Mardid, Rome, Paris, Bucharest, Vienna, Budapest,Hamburg, Warsaw, Barcelona and Munich. Now Thats a bit too much don’t you think.

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