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Why Study Medicine? Top 5 Reasons Why Students Go Into the Profession


Many people dream of becoming doctors. For some, it’s a calling, for others, it could be the status (and the money’s not too bad either) or a combination of a few reasons. Grandparents and parents may have been doctors, so one would assume it’s their turn now. Some have a need to help others. Whatever the reason, it’s a noble profession. Here are some of the top reasons for students to enrol in medical school and learn medicine.

1. Career Opportunities

Studying medicine opens up so many doors to graduates. There could be a job in hospitals, private clinics, the medical department of a university, become a researcher, or perhaps even opportunities in professional sports. A student could decide to go into dentistry, become a veterinarian, a psychiatrist in a mental health institution or go into physiotherapy.

2. Helping People

Helping people is a big part of wanting to be a doctor. Most of us may know how a loved one might go in for a major surgery while family and friends anxiously wait. When it goes well, everyone thanks and even hugs the doctor. This undoubtedly brings much joy to the doctors. Some doctors even admit that this is the best part of their job – helping people.

3. Secure & Stable Job

A huge attraction for many students choosing to go to medical school is the fact that it’s a career that offers security and stability. It’s rare to hear of doctors being ‘let go’ or made redundant. This happens in many other fields. By getting a degree in medicine and becoming a doctor, a person is pretty much set for life.

4. Universal Recognition

When you tell someone that you’re a doctor, no matter in which part of the world, it is easily recognized as a big profession, one that commands respect. Even if someone doesn’t speak the same language as you, and you say that you’re a doctor, they immediately understand with strong approval gestures. It’s a universally recognized profession.

5. A Need For Good Doctors

The world is always in need of good doctors. Students getting into medicine, no matter what discipline they decide to branch into will always feel that they are going to make a significant and positive impact. Some may decide that they want to make a huge difference in third world countries and eventually pack up and go to far off places to help save lives of the unfortunate and impoverished.

Everyone knows that doctors have tremendous respect in society. They do work really hard and despite the ‘glamour’ that goes with it, it’s also a very demanding and stressful job. They have to have high morals and are responsible citizens of society. It could be one reason or it could be a combination of reasons for students wishing to get into the medical field.