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6 Shopping Mistakes with Pizza Ovens


Which is the best area to install an outdoor pizza oven?

The answer to this question relies on many variables. To begin with, an outdoor cooking area is an important fixture in any home. It’s where the family gather to enjoy meals and entertain guests during fair weather.

It is therefore important to do your homework before deciding on the best area to install an outdoor pizza oven. In doing so, avoid the following six mistakes:

1. Assuming Building Codes

Don’t make the mistake of failing to comply with building codes. Consult the relevant authorities concerning the stipulated building codes you need to adhere to before embarking on your project. Make sure you have the correct permits to avoid run-ins with the authorities. Moreover, get to know what oven size restrictions apply in view of where your property is located. In addition, comply with all fire standards in your area to avoid penalties.

2. Choosing an Unsuitable Location

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when planning an outdoor pizza oven area is to locate your oven in the wrong place. For instance, don’t install it next to your house or against a wall. Your outdoor pizza oven should be located in an area that is easy to access. The area should be spacious enough to allow unhindered oven installation. It should also be adequately ventilated. Besides, the surface where you will place the oven must be firm. Make sure there is a drainage system nearby.

3. Not Having a Budget

It’s one thing to wish for an outdoor pizza oven and another to own one. Planning for an outdoor pizza oven without a budget to implement your dream can only lead to frustration as the reality of lack of, or insufficient, funds set in. Do your research and settle on one that meets your needs and budget.

4. Selecting a Design without Considering the Function

Although the aesthetics of an outdoor pizza oven are important, their function should be the overriding factor. The utility should guide the choice of an oven, not how it looks. While the ideal is a beautiful outdoor pizza oven, this should not come at the expense of its function. It’s therefore important to be aware of both the features and functionality of an oven before you buy it. To avoid guesswork, consult an expert on correct oven designs that seamlessly blend into your available space.

5. Failing to Understand Fuel Usage

It’s important to understand how the outdoor pizza oven you plan to acquire uses fuel. This will help you make appropriate plans on where to get firewood for your oven. Your choice of firewood informs your oven’s heat production.

6. Not Buying an Outdoor Pizza Oven from a Reputable Brand

Choosing to purchase an outdoor pizza oven from a reputable brand is crucial. Scrutinize the manufacturer’s warranty, the brand’s country of origin, and its reputation in the market. Moreover, seek to understand the age of the brand since this is a good sign of a company with a reputation for quality products.

The best place to install an outdoor pizza oven depends on a number of variables. First, you need to comply with the building codes for your area to avoid penalties. Second, you should not install your outdoor pizza oven next to a house or against a wall. The area should be airy enough to allow proper ventilation.

In choosing an outdoor pizza oven, always think about its function before you consider the design. At the end of the day, you want an oven that is just the right size for the space you have.