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Importance of Dental Care: 4 Benefits of Regular Dental Check-Ups


It is one of the areas of health that most people ignore for a lot of reasons. It is not covered by provincial health plans. It can cost a lot of money very quickly.

It is filled with a lot of fear and/or anxiety; usually originating from childhood experiences or from another people’s storytelling. Maintaining good dental care is ignored, when it should not be. Here are some of the reasons why everyone should maintain good dental care.

1. Employment Expectations

The economy and job expectations have changed dramatically in the past two decades. Thanks in part to advancing technology and increased globalization, the workplace has changed. Most employment positions are precarious in nature, and the workers are vulnerable. Yet, people still want to do business with other people. To use this desire to work with people, it would be wise for individuals to take care of teeth and gums. Unfortunately, there is a stereotype about people with poor dental care: they are deemed unintelligent, unmotivated, and lazy. These stereotypes will affect a person’s ability to earn higher income levels simply because of his or her teeth. Good dental care will help secure employment.

2. Romantic Expectations

Employment is not the only area of life that has changed with technology. The dating scene has also changed. People are no longer trying to meet someone at a social function held by friends or family, organized faith institutions, or service clubs. People are no longer trying to meet someone at a drinking establishment. Instead, they are trying to make romantic connections on-line. This means that people are using visual images to make decisions on whether people want to click or swipe the potential romantic partners that appear on the screen. Good dental care will help secure potential romantic partners.

3. Cancer Prevention

Finding romance has changed greatly, so have the risks. Most people do not consider how their health is connected to their romantic life. Yet it is. Researchers have discovered that certain types of cancer are caused by certain types of Human Papillomaviruses (H.P.V.). Although there are about 200 HPV types, only about 12 of them can cause cancer. Regarding oral care, it is estimated that 70% of all oropharyngeal cancers or cancers that involve the tonsils, tongue, throat and palate, are because of H.P.V.

While seeing regularly a family doctor is great to detect most cancers, seeing a dentist regularly is a better idea to detect oral cancers. A dental hygienist or dentist do a more thorough check of the oral area, because it is their specialty, while a family doctor is a general practitioner, who does an overall check of the entire body. Good dental care will help detect cancer while it is still at its precancerous stages.

4. Overall Health

Detecting cancer is not the only health benefits for taking care of one’s teeth. Good dental care has been connected to strong hearts. Gum disease is the main reason for these health considerations. Gum disease or periodontal disease has been connected to cardiovascular disease, because the body is being exposed to more bacterial in a highly vulnerable area. The body’s natural response to higher counts of bacteria is to become inflamed, and it is this inflammation that can affect the heart.