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4 Security Testing Tips to Protect Your Company’s Data


In the information age, data is currency. With technology maturing into an integral part of your business, you can’t afford to leave your data unsecured. Regular testing is necessary to protect your company’s assets. This blog post details what security testing is and why your company should take full advantage.

1. What Are Security Testing Companies Looking For?

During a security test, there are specific things to look for to see if your system is operating properly. Exposing vulnerabilities so they can be repaired is the primary objective of any security test.

Security testing services ensure confidentiality by making sure certain information is only accessible to those with authorized access. The tests also make sure your system is accurately authenticating which refers to how your system determines if a user should be authorized or not.

2. How Often Should You Do Security Testing?

Security tests also look at how often your security system is available. Your security system should be ready at any time with minimal down time. A security analysis will also look for non-repudiation which is when your system denies that an action happened. When working properly, your security system will log every action, and it the log won’t be able to be changed.

Putting off security test puts your system at risk. Depending on your risk tolerance you might conduct tests more or less often than others. The absolute minimum you should be testing is yearly. Most companies can get away with testing every 5-6 months. If you’re a high web traffic company that accepts credit cards and other private customer information, you should be testing every 1 to 3 months.

You should also check your system anytime your business goes through significant technological changes. If you’re bringing new devices or software into your computer network, you should do a test and make sure everything is working.

3. Ensure Your Customers Are Safe When Buying Online

Anytime your business relies on e-commerce you have to pay special attention to security. When your customers trust you with their address and payment information, you owe it to them to make sure your system is safe. Regular hardware and software tests are important ways to ensure your customers are safe when shopping on your website.

When you accept credit cards on your site, it’s important your company stays PCI compliant. Security testing companies help you find vulnerabilities in your setup and help you stay PCI compliant.

Regular security tests validate your investment in your existing security tools. Most security solutions at the enterprise level are not cheap. It’s important to put your security system to the test and make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

4. Insurance On Your Company’s Data

Security testing is a form of insurance when it comes to protecting your business’s data. You can gain lots of insights, identify trends and make strategic moves by analyzing your company’s data. It’s important to ensure this data is secure and only accessible to the appropriate people in your company.

Another way security testing provides insurance for your company is by ensuring your customer’s data is secure. Letting your client’s data fall into the hands of hackers and other undesirables puts your company at risk of being held legally accountable. Security tests ensure you’re doing all you can to protect your customer’s data.

Slowly but surely, we’re all beginning to realize the significance of technology in our lives and our businesses. If we’re going to rely on technology so much, it’s crucial to make sure we take measures to protect ourselves. Regular security testing is an excellent way to protect your company’s data, your customer’s information and develop effective security practices.