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6 Industries That Have Benefited Drastically From Email Workflow Systems


More and more workflow systems are cropping up to help businesses deal with customers. They can serve a wide variety of industries and job descriptions. Here are 6 industries that have benefited from emailtopia.com

1. Financial Services and Insurance

Email Workflow systems can significantly help financial sectors. It can manage group mailboxes, report on team activity, productivity etc. All messages are tracked and logged and stored in the server for future analysis and to help keep a copy of every activity.

2. Transport and Logistics

Transport clients can enjoy features like rule based message distribution, where highest priority mails get sent first. In delivery business, constant emails must be sent to the client to appraise them of delivery status. Workflow systems can automate that. It can also analyse delivery trends, spikes in certain features, analyse and produce real time information and provide robust thread searching capabilities.

3. Manufacture and Engineering

Efficiency can be significantly increased in the business by opting for email workflow systems. It can track, manage and store every activity in order to prepare for future audits and analysis. Rule based email replies automate a significant portion of the task. It can even integrate with common applications like CRM and ERP to offer a more comprehensive environment.

4. Technology and Communications

Technology firms deal mainly in innovations and it is no surprise that the features provided by email workflow systems entice them. Tracking, reporting and monitoring of activities, cloud back up, real-time reporting and integration to other software systems are only some of the benefits provided.

5. Tourism and Travels

The tourism industry survives mainly on the goodwill of clients and thus, it is imperative to maintain cordial correspondence and solve issues as they arrive. A well-updated database keeps track of who replied to which customer at what time so that any misstep can be identified immediately.

6. Government

Government enterprises need to keep track of a vast system of attributes, personnel and a never-ending influx of emails. Systems can provide optimization so that the correct department receives the proper message even if the sender messed up. It can also flag issues and threats in order to notify authorities.