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6 Reasons to Recycle Your Electronics


Many people are guilty of not recycling their old and obsolete electronics. It’s not a good idea to dispose of your electronics in the garbage. Instead, it should be disposed of in the proper way and through proper channels.

If not, it will cause (or add to) environmental issues. It is a serious problem when the majority of people do not play their part, not just at a domestic level but a corporate level as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to partake in electronics recycling.

1. Computers Contain Hazardous Materials

Computers and monitors contain toxic and hazardous materials. While these materials may not pose a problem to someone using the equipment, it can pose a danger when it is discarded incorrectly and in bulk. Some of these dangerous materials include cadmium, lead, copper, mercury, beryllium, chromium and brominated flame retardants.

2. Illegal To Dump E-Waste

In some places, it is illegal to throw old electronics with regular garbage. Even in the United States, some states have made it illegal to do this. Some of this e-waste is sometimes diverted to other countries, so there is a lot of illegal activity going on regarding the disposal of e-waste.

3. 3rd World Countries Pay The Price

When not processed through the right channels, much of the electronic waste ends up in third world countries. These countries may not be aware of the dangers nor are they capable of dealing with these issues because they just may not have the resources to do so. Due to it not being processed properly, dangerous chemicals seep into their water supply.

Those unfortunate enough to be living close to these dump sites end up becoming poisoned. They may also rely on their livestock for survival, but the animals end up becoming poisoned as well. Apart from these problems, these countries burn material in open air fires to recover certain precious metals and thus cause pollution.

4. Proper Disposal Reduces Environmental Damage

By properly disposing your electronic waste especially with a certified recycler, you play a part in ensuring that it does not end up in a landfill. If it does, it is going to cause environmental damage which may affect some community somewhere in the world and it could also cause damage in your OWN community.

5. Reusable Parts

Being in an e-waste recycling program means that many of the parts of your old computers can be reused. Even the computers themselves may be fixed up so that it can be used again. This can even be used as a charity item. Giving this to needy people or children in poor communities will make such a huge difference in their lives. It can help to educate them which is a far better option than discarding it.

6. Create Growth & Opportunity

Electronics recycling can create job opportunities in the professional recycling sector. This in turn helps create green jobs, especially in poorer regions. It can have a beneficial and positive effect on the economy.

If the word is spread, everyone, from individuals to companies can get involved in recycling programs so that old electronics are not wasted anymore. It can be a slow process but the benefits are tangible.