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7 Cool Chatbot Examples with Innovative Features


We are living in a world of precision marketing where digital technologies rule. Gone are the days when marketing messages used to come to us only via email. Today, you could be going about your work online, and all of a sudden, a message appears with the worlds, ‘Hi. Thanks for visiting us. How can I help?’

Welcome to the world of chatbots, or chat apps that use artificial intelligence, which is increasingly being used to send and respond to messages. Many chatbots are known for their customer service features and qualities. Additionally, the beauty of chatbots is that they have higher engagement than the traditional email. For instance, while the click-through rate for emails is between 5-10%, that of chatbots is 15-60%.

Here are several cool chatbot examples with super innovative features:

1. A chatbot that searches & reserves travel deals

This chatbot from Hipmunk helps people search and reserve travel deals easily. The chatbot is easily integrated with Facebook, Skype, or Slack. The Hipmunk hello chatbots use your location to guess where you are travelling from and niftily sends you amazing travel deals from that area.

This simple yet very intuitive chatbot simplifies the task of looking for travel deals, so you don’t have to scour multiple sites in search of travel bargains. The Hipmunk Facebook Messenger Bot lets you chat with friends as you compare travel deals, allowing you to make travel plans together. It uses conversational, friendly, personalized, friendly language that mimics how people interact with each other.

2. A chatbot that lets you talk to Einstein

Another cool chatbot is the National Geographic’s NatGeo Genius, whose aim was to promote the TV show Genius. This show chronicled the exciting lives of people like Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein. On the show’s Facebook page was a messenger bot that engaged users using the voice of the great genius, Albert Einstein.

Before the airing of the show, those who clicked on “Send Message” were instantly connected with “Einstein.” The bot followed a visitor’s conversation and responded with quips on subjects such as relativity and many others that Einstein was passionate about.

3. A chatbot that helps you with Alzheimer’s

This is another cool chatbot that engages people suffering from memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease. Since most people suffering from this condition have short-term memory loss, the Endurance chatbot flags deviations in conversational branches, which could be a pointer to problems with immediate recollection.

Since the chatbot is cloud-based, family members and the physician treating the patient can occasionally review conversation logs to establish obstacles to communication that could point to further memory degradation.

4. A chatbot that helps you with insomnia

For insomniacs struggling to get through the night, the sinking, and lonely feeling of not being able to sleep when everyone else presumably is can be devastating. Luckily, there is a bot called Insomnobot 3000, perhaps one of the funniest named bots around, which aims at conversing with insomniacs, giving them the impression they are not alone.

While this chatbot is still in its initial stages, it does highlight the power of chatbots to mimic real-life conversations from real people. A chatbot may not help you to sleep, but at least it makes you will feel like you are not the only one awake.

5. A chatbot that emulates Marvel characters

The cinematic universe of Marvel has been nothing short of a marvel (pun intended). To immerse their audiences further into their magical world, Marvel used chatbots to bring their comic storylines to life. The chatbot allows comic-book fans to converse with the intergalactic hero, Star-Lord; a pretty cool thing, I might add.

Perhaps more than cool is the fact that the bot allows you to chat with your next door neighbour, Spiderman. Although the Marvel chatbot is not yet truly “freestyle” or intuitive, there are hopes it will get better with time.

6. A chatbot that gives medical diagnosis

The MedWhat chatbot is designed to make easy, transparent, and quick medical diagnoses. They are targeted at both patients and doctors. To understand MedWhat, think of it as an intelligent clone of WebMD you can converse with. The chatbot, which is powered by a smart and highly sophisticated machine learning system, provides highly accurate answers to user questions based on a user’s behaviour profile it “learns” in the course of interaction with them.

The bot also makes use of deep volumes of medical research and peer-reviewed papers to provide a near-accurate if not a precise diagnosis.

7. A chatbot that acts as a real estate agent

This is a real estate chatbot that engages users and assigns them to the right sales rep. It is a lead assignment bot that picks up customer queries, engages them a bit, and then assigns them a representative. For instance, you may indicate in a chatbot that you are looking for a 2-bedroom apartment in a specific region. Roof Ai will most likely ask when you plan to move before assigning you an appropriate representative.

Chatbots are “conversational agents” or apps that mirror spoken or written human speech to stimulate interaction or conversation with an actual person. You are likely to encounter a chatbot either via a web-based application or as a standalone app. Chatbots are today being used to provide customer care service, taking on roles that were traditionally assigned to real salespeople.