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Destroy Your Data: 3 Good Reasons to Destroy That Hard Drive


As personal technology becomes more and more ingrained within our lives, our devices become something of an extension of ourselves.

Think about it: Our phones hold majority of our information and are an ever-present tool in our lives, our personal computers are typically a tool of our professional lives, and even our televisions have the capability to gather information about us in order to cater to our personal viewing habits. These devices are sponges that soak up every ounce of information about us as possible in an attempt to make our lives much easier and always connected.

As good as these tools are, there is the ever-present danger that they will become weapons used against us by those of ill intent. Hard drives in particular are incredibly dangerous to you and your company if misplaced or forgotten, and this is why destroying those devices are a safe and practical way of protecting your sensitive information. In this list, you will find three very good reasons to implement hard drive destruction for good.

1. Keep your data secure

This really can’t be stressed enough. The average hard drive can contain hundreds upon hundreds of personal and confidential files with sensitive information about you and your loved ones. Plus, simply deleting all of those files isn’t enough of a precaution, as the information always lingers in the background.

Anyone with the right equipment and know how can extract the traces of those files and recover your personal information. Physical destruction, on the other hand, is a pretty sure-fire way to ensure that the device will never be used again.

2. Don’t lose your client trust

If your hard drive is used for business purposes, then having the data stored on it leak out into the wild can be a costly and serious problem. Not only does this potentially cost you a great deal, but any future or current clientele may not feel very safe when dealing with you.

Nobody, especially businesses with a lot to lose, wants to play with the folks who are prone to leaks. They won’t trust any of their personal or professional information with you and they will most likely just take their business elsewhere, which doesn’t bode well for you at all.

3. Ensure your brand and reputation are protected

As previously stated, misplacing vital information can really damage your public standing. Alongside creating a tsunami of legal and financial issues for your company, having data blatantly stolen can alter your brand and image as a competent company. If you’re nothing but a laughing stock among peers, then you can’t very well expect to be too successful. Once that trust and image is gone, then it is extraordinarily difficult for a business to recover from the damage due to the potential cost of rebuilding and destruction of the corporate brand.

Destroying a hard drive sounds like a difficult, tedious task, but it isn’t all that hard. The sense of safety alone is worth taking on the task. It protects you from ruin on both a personal and professional level, and there are many resources out there that will either show you how to properly destroy your devices, or will simply take care of them for you. After all, why should you take the chance of carelessly losing your personal information over such an easy to rectify issue?