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For Your Electronics: 4 Easy Features of Vortex Cabinet Coolers


The fact that electrical cabinets and panels can get hot is not new information. When these components overheat they can cause damage to the panel itself or cause a fire. Consequently, coolers for these enclosures are required and vortex cabinet coolers have increased in popularity to address such issues.

These cooling units provide instant cold air, use nothing but compressed air as a power source, and keep enclosures that contain electrical components clean and protected from overheating. There are many benefits to considering a vortex cabinet cooler in the event you have any electrical components that are susceptible to heat.

1. Easy installation

Vortex cabinet coolers have become increasingly popular because of how easy they are to install. Installation time for the cooler is approximately one hour and only consists of knocking out a panel in the cabinet to allow the cooler access to it. Other cooling systems that use coolant sometimes require a user to position the unit upright to allow all substances to settle into their correct sections to avoid damage.

Vortex electronic coolers can be installed right away and because they utilize compressed air as their only cooling source, no electrical work is required during installation. They are also a popular choice because they can be installed in any cabinet even those with space constraints. All that is needed is a hole two inches in diameter and can be mounted upright, sideways, or upside down as required.

2. Easy Efficiency

Vortex cabinet coolers transforms compressed air into two streams, one cold and one hot. The cold air is released into the enclosure to cool down the electrical components and the hot air is sent out into the atmosphere. A relief pipe on the cooler also discharges hot air from inside the enclosure to the outside. From small computer cabinets to large industrial machines, vortex cabinet coolers have proven to be effective in preventing overheating.

Since this setup only uses compressed air and has no moving parts, it offers quiet operation with little to no disruption. Vortex coolers can provide cooling capacities anywhere from 250 to 5500 BTUs per hour, guaranteeing that your cabinet receives the cool air it needs.

3. Easy maintenance

Air conditioner units used for cooling purposes require coolant or refrigerant refills to continue operating or experience disruptions due to dirt and debris getting caught in them. Vortex cabinet coolers do not experience these issues and are easy to maintain. Because there are no moving parts in this type of cooler, nothing will break in it that will require repair. Users also do not have to worry about changing intake filters regularly and checking for coolant leaks.

Vortex coolers can easily be installed in harsh and dirty environments and they will not experience disruptions because the continuous cycling of air used to cool the cabinet prevents dirt and debris from interfering.

4. Easily controlled

Sometimes cabinet cooling is not required as much, for instance when the external environment is experiencing cooler temperatures. As a result you want to be able to control the temperature of the cabinet enclosure and vortex coolers allow you to do just this. Most vortex coolers are accompanied by a thermostat that allows the user to set the temperature desired for the enclosure.

A sensor installed at the base of the cooler activates a valve that either opens or closes the compressed air supply based on the temperature specified on the thermostat. The thermostat requires no electrical connection and is reliable in controlling the temperature inside of the cabinet. This is essential in prolonging the life of the vortex cooler as it allows the user to reduce the use of it when not needed as much.