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Going Retro: 5 Ways Black and White Printing Is the Simplest Option


Let’s face it; we know that colour printing is more vibrant, beautiful and impressive when it comes to printing. However, this does not mean that there’s no place for black and white printing. On the contrary, black and white printing also has its own advantages which can benefit your business. Monochrome printers are still quite popular and have become better with the growth of technology.

Despite appearing to be “boring” compared to its colour counterpart, many businesses still go with the monochrome version. Here are some of its benefits.

1. It’s Affordable

Not everyone works in huge, world-renowned companies. There are many small businesses, including new businesses that people are starting all the time. Money can be tight, so not everyone is going to splash out on the most expensive gadgets. In fact, sometimes, you don’t even need a colour printer. Printing on a monochrome printer is cheaper than colour printing. You can still produce high quality documents on a monochrome printer.

2. It’s Quicker

When you’re printing large jobs, you don’t want to wait longer than you need to, since you may be in a hurry and have other pressing things to attend to. Well, a black and white laser printer is faster in its output when compared to most inkjet printers. The results are very professional and since it’s relatively fast, you can get back to whatever you were doing, so time is saved. You can rely on a monochrome laser printer for large-volume jobs instead of taking it to a print shop, so it saves time and money.

3. Better For The Environment

Because a black and white printer uses less consumable parts, for example, a toner cartridge, there are less of these parts that make it to the landfill. So, in a small way, your business is playing its part in being environmentally friendly. Since less consumable parts are used, this also means that you’re spending less for your printing tasks.

4. Versatility

As printing technology got better over time, black and white printing can be just as professional and appealing to the eye. Professional print shops aren’t the only ones capable of producing top-quality work. Now, you can take your printing to a higher level, thanks to improvements in technology.

5. Efficiency

A monochrome laser printer uses heat to fuse the ink directly to the page. There’s no excess ink and no drying time. They can print up to three times more a minute compared to an inkjet printer, which uses an injection process to transfer ink. A laser black and white printer doesn’t have as much maintenance, so in the long run, it can save you some money as well.