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12 Best Places to Live in Canada for Immigrants


Selecting a Canadian city to come to as a new immigrant in Canada is not an easy tough, with so many welcoming regions across the country. Immigration and multiculturalism have always represented Canada, and has been a priority for us as we continue to build the economy.

Although the cities on our list of best places to live in Canada for immigrants are excellent choices, you may also find regions elsewhere that are appealing. Many places in Canada are welcoming of new immigrants regardless of the geography or size.

Here’s our list with the best places to live in Canada for new immigrants.

1. Oakville, Ontario

Best place to live in Canada for South Asian, Chinese and Arab immigrants

Oakville is one of Ontario’s most densely populated areas, with a younger population than most regions in Canada.

For young families seeking a place to call home, Oakville is a great choice with a number of South Asian, Chinese, and Arab families already living here among other visible minorities and ethnic groups.

2. Brandon, Manitoba

Best place to live in Canada for Latin American immigrants

Brandon is Manitoba’s second largest city. Being so close to various borders and located on the banks of the exquisite Assiniboine River, Brandon participates in trade between the provinces of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and North Dakota, US.

Brandon carries several post-secondary institutions which makes it great for young families and students. Brandon has a growing Latin American population as well as Chinese, First Nations, and other ethnicities.

3. Ottawa, Ontario

Best place to live in Canada for student immigrants

Ottawa is Canada’s center of government and is where all federal government matters are decided on. Sitting on the border of English Canada and Quebec, it is one of our most bilingual and multicultural cities.

Ottawa also is considered “the most educated Canadian city” with several post-secondary institutions, research opportunities, and cultural opportunities.

4. Mont-Royal, Quebec

Best place to live in Canada for French immigrants

Mont-Royal is a suburb northwest of Montreal and is found on the island of Montreal. It’s a designated Canadian National Historic Site and brings together several elements of 20th century design, contemporary urban movements, and so much more.

As Montreal’s a favourite community among new immigrants, especially those speaking French, Mont-Royal has a lot going for it.

5. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Best place to live in Canada for First Nations immigrants

Saskatoon is the province’s largest city and is built around a bend in the South Saskatchewan River. Saskatoon’s a hub of culture and economic development, with post-secondary institutions, a bustling downtown and small business community, and the Wanuskewin Heritage Park. Population here is divided among various ethnicities including First Nations, South Asian, Filipino, Chinese, and Black.

6. King, Ontario

Best place to live in Canada for Italian-American immigrants

King is a more rural part of the greater Toronto region, incorporating different horse and cattle farms. As one of the more rural communities on this list, if you’re a new immigrant to Canada valuing a connection to the land or interested in having a rural property,

King may be your best bet. The city has one of the highest concentrations of Italian-Canadians in the country, alongside Scottish, Irish, German, French, Polish, Dutch, and Portuguese immigrants.

7. Delta, British Columbia

Best place to live in Canada for South Asian immigrants

Delta is a city forming a part of the greater Vancouver region. Being so close to Vancouver, immigrants have all sorts of opportunities in sports, education, health, financial services, small business, and entrepreneurship. Delta has a sizeable immigrant South Asian population, alongside Chinese, Filipino, and Japanese.

8. Red Deer, Alberta

Best place to live in Canada for Aboriginal immigrants

Though Alberta attracts many immigrants to its two largest cities, Calgary and Edmonton, it’s actually Red Deer which is the province’s most welcome cities to new immigrants.

Conveniently located halfway between Calgary and Edmonton, it’s a city surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful Albertan nature. Red Deer carries in it growing populations of Aboriginal, Latin Americans, Filipino, First Nations, Chinese, and South Asian.

9. Toronto, Ontario

Best place to live in Canada for young professional immigrants

Any list of best places to live in Canada for immigrants wouldn’t be complete without Toronto. Canada’s largest city, you will find people living here from all over the world. Students, young professionals, families, seniors, and individuals of every ethnic background, culture, and belief system you can think of.

The downside is that Toronto’s also one of the most expensive cities. Quality of life for low-income individuals is increasingly tough here and so unless you have an expensive job already lined up in Toronto, you may be best served looking on its outskirts or elsewhere entirely.

10. Brossard, Quebec

Best place to live in Canada for French immigrants

Brossard is the second city on our list to be included in the greater Montreal region. The region carries with it a strong sense of French culture, with French-speaking immigrants from all over Canada and the world. There are also Chinese, Irish, and Italian families here among others.

11. Calgary, Alberta

Best place to live in Canada for rich immigrants

Calgary is a very welcoming city to new immigrants with numerous post-secondary institutions, rivers, natural environment, a bustling downtown, public transportation, and some great real estate values, especially compared to Vancouver and other western cities.

Calgary has a lot of corporate and business development, with the most corporate offices and highest number of millionaires per capita of anywhere in Canada. In Calgary, you’ll find several sizeable immigrant populations, ranging from Aboriginals to South Asian, Chinese, Black, Filipino, Latin American, Arab, Southeast Asian, and Korean.

12. West Vancouver, British Columbia

Best place to live in Canada for Chinese immigrants

West Vancouver is the northwestern part of the city. West Vancouver is well known for the preserved Cypress Provincial Park and for the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal. West Vancouver has a sizeable Chinese population as well as West Asian, Korean, Japanese, South Asian, Black, and Filipino.