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14 Best Places to Live in Toronto for Urban Professionals


For young professionals, Toronto is the place to be. As one of the booming cities in North America, jobs are created every day. However, knowing where to live can be a challenge. Here are 14 best places to live in Toronto for urban professionals:

1. The Annex – Best place for students to live in Toronto

The Annex is one of the best places to live in Toronto. With Bloor Street as one of its major streets, the Annex is a downtown neighbourhood where young professionals flock. It is also home to students attending the University of Toronto. Years after their graduation, a number of students continue to reside in this neighbourhood.

2. King West – Best place for vibrant nightlife in Toronto

With more condos coming up every year, King West is a bustling neighbourhood and recognized among the best places to live in Toronto. Tall business buildings surround this area, where some of Toronto’s most recognizable companies are located. Nightlife in King West is vibrant, especially during the weekend when it bustles with diverse activities most professionals find riveting.

3. Yonge and Eglinton – Best place for young professionals to live in Toronto

“Yonge and Eg” as popularly known to locals, continues to attract young professionals. There are new condominiums coming up every year. Young professionals moving to “Yonge and Eg” are attracted by her tasteful condos, friendly neighbourhood and some of the best restaurants in the country. It also hosts a number of corporations and many other vibrant businesses.

4. Queen West – Best place for artists to live in Toronto

For young creatives, Queen West neighbourhood is perhaps the most appropriate place live in. Named one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world, Queen West promises a fair dose of open mic bars, small boutique shops, graffiti, and much more. In a word, it is an artist’s haven.

5. The Junction – Best places for families to live in Toronto

For young families, Junction is the perfect neighbourhood due to her generous availability of accommodation and family-friendly events compared to other places. If you have a family, Junction is an ideal place to live in. It is also located near the famous Toronto Pearson International Airport, which makes it perfect for frequent family vacations!

6. Roncesvalles – Best place for convenient living in Toronto

This is one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Toronto. It features numerous establishments; from restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. You will find whatever you need in Roncesvalles. Rent is more affordable compared to neighbourhoods in downtown Toronto. The Dundas West subway provides a convenient means of transport whenever you want to visit downtown Toronto.

7. Bloordale Village – Best place for young families to live in Toronto

Bloordale Village boasts of numerous amenities, especially around Bloor Street, and between Dufferin and Lansdowne Street. It is also a family-friendly neighbourhood a young professional with a family should find ideal. For your shopping needs, the nearby Dufferin Mall is a wonderful place to shop at. Subway stations at both Lansdowne and Dufferin make travelling to other parts of the city convenient and quick.

8. Liberty Village – Best place for condo living in Toronto

Located at the end of King West, Liberty Village is a high-rise gathering of condos populated mainly by young professionals. For a quick commute to the downtown core, it is strategically located on the 514 Cherry streetcar, starting from Dufferin Gate Loop in the Village. For the BMO Field, it’s convenient since Toronto Argonauts and Toronto FC play there, pulling crowds on game days.

9. Bloor West Village – Best place for convenient shopping in Toronto

This is a local village with colourful shops. It has a pleasant sense of community. Compared to some neighbourhoods, it is relatively calm. It has supermarkets, restaurants, schools and cafes to cater for every taste. Whatever you need, you will find it here. It is ideal for young professionals with families.

10. Chinatown – Best place to immerse in the Chinese community in Toronto

This is home to the Chinese community in Toronto. Chinatown is a more affordable residence that is also near downtown. Your dollar will buy much in Chinatown than in most parts of Toronto. Professionals working downtown may choose to walk to enjoy the sights and sounds of this neighbourhood and to save a few bucks.

11. North Toronto – Best place for outdoor exercise in Toronto

This area is highly popular with both professionals and families. The North Toronto real estate is more affordable than Rosedale and Summerhill to the south. Small parks dot the area, offering a nice environment to relax. For exercise lovers, this is a wonderful place for a leisurely walk in the evening or a more aggressive run in the morning.

12. Danforth-Greektown – Best place for living with efficient transport in Toronto

This neighbourhood enjoys efficient transport since Line 2 of the TTC’s subway system runs through it. Young professionals find it convenient to live here since they have the flexibility of working in other parts of the city. The efficient subway transport system ensures that.

13. The Beaches – Best place for beachfront living in Toronto

Depending on your income, especially if you are a young professional with a family, this is a chilled-out residential area you cannot ignore. It’s unlike any other area in Toronto, one of North America’s largest cities. The 501 Queen streetcar provides reliable, efficient public transport. Besides, you will find the 3 kilometres beachfront especially busy in the summer.

14. Vaughan – Best place for suburban living in Toronto

Last but not least, Vaughan is also one of the best places to live in Toronto. This is a quickly growing low-key suburb of northern Toronto. Courtesy of the Toronto subway, which extends to Vaughan, the area is growing at a very fast rate. Accommodation is cheaper compared to other parts of the city. It is an ideal place to live for budget-conscious young professionals. Transport to downtown is convenient and fast. Amenities include hotels, cafes, schools and parks.

As a young professional working or planning to work in Toronto, where you live depends on where you will be working. However, you can be certain of getting a convenient, friendly place to live in, and I hope this list has been of help.