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6 Best Types of Camping If You Dislike the Outdoors


Camping is fun. However, some people simply dislike the outdoors for one reason or another. If this is you, there are types of camping that will leave you extremely satisfied whether you like the outdoors or not. In any case, if you absolutely dislike any form of outdoor camping, you can still enjoy camping by recreating a campsite from the comfort of your home.

While you may have to improvise to create an alluring outdoor camping feel, the joy of getting together with family or friends and camping indoors is worth the effort you put into making this an unforgettable experience. Below are a few types of camping that people who dislike the outdoors would love.

1. Indoor Camping

Indoor camping is highly popular types of camping, especially during winter when temperatures are below zero. The beauty of indoor camping is that you can recreate the outdoor feel at a fraction of the cost. You can erect a tent right inside your home and convert your house into a campsite.

You can mimic an outdoor campsite by switching off the lights (and use flashlights instead), set up a tent in the living, create a fireplace, cover the TV, so no one is tempted (there are no TVs at campsites anyway), sleep in sleeping bags, etc. You can even make a fake campfire by using construction paper or use tissue rolls or paper towels instead.

Whichever ‘fire’ material you choose, wrap them around your light source and then tape yellow, orange, and red onto it. This will give you a real campfire look-alike that will make your indoor campsite look and feel like the outdoors.

2. Bicycle Camping

There is a reason bicycle camping is becoming highly popular. If you enjoy travelling on a bicycle or using it just for the convenience, bicycle camping gives you the opportunity to camp in a hotel or a hostel.

For these types of camping, the enhanced mobility means you can camp wherever you want since you are not restricted to one location or destination. Travelling around in a bicycle is also highly economical, besides the fact that it’s an eco-friendly mode of transport.

Whether or not you like camping outdoors, bicycle camping allows you to enjoy the best of both indoors and outdoors, and if you don’t like a particular location, you can always cycle to another destination.

3. Glamping

This is an emerging trend where campers enjoy the outdoors but don’t want to sacrifice their everyday indoor trappings. With glamping, you have the choice of upgrading on rest and recreation. You get to enjoy the outdoor camping adventure without sacrificing your comfort.

You don’t even have to pitch a tent, build a fire, or sleep in a sleeping bag. Instead, you can pick your choice of a yacht, pods, villas, tree house, an airstream, among other luxurious camping options. You can even stay inside a camping resort and still enjoy the camping experience. If you dislike the outdoors, glamping would actually feel like a holiday.

4. Overlanding

With overlanding, you have mechanized transport to take you to remote destinations. The fun is in the journey itself. You get to enjoy the scenery as you travel, and only camp at nightfall. You can use trucks or bicycles to move from one destination to another. This is not your typical outdoor camping since you get to camp wherever you want.

An overland journey can last a few months, or even years and could involve crisscrossing international borders. As you travel, you get to enjoy the culture, food, and traditions of the communities you come across. This is one camping type you are sure to enjoy, whether you like the outdoors or not.

5. RV Camping

The R in RV stands for ‘recreational,’ which means this type of camping is more like a vacation on wheels. With recreational vehicle camping, you get to enjoy the outdoor and its thrilling attractions while at the same time living with the ‘comforts of home.’ An RV is fitted with nearly everything you left at home. These include entertainment and a cozy bed.

You even get to carry your favourite recreational toys everywhere you go. However, make sure the RV park you pick will allow you to dock. This type of camping is so comfortable and convenient that some people don’t consider it outdoor camping at all. Well, if you dislike outdoor camping, this ‘home into wild’ RV camping is a perfect choice for you.

6. Re-Enactment Camping

If you are a creative, a re-enactment camping opportunity is one you cannot afford to miss. This type of camping recreates specific historical times and, using specific methods and equipment, bring that era to life. For instance, the organizers could decide to re-enact the conditions, technologies, and even the fashion of a particular era gone by.

Think of the Wild West, the Victorian era, or even an imaginary world that only exists in the world of mythical creatures and characters. Most of these re-enactments are organized in different places across the globe.

Now, whether you like the outdoors or not, would you want to miss a chance to travel back in time; to a place and time when innocence reigned supreme?