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5 Types of Popular Golden Retriever Breeds


Golden retrievers are one of the most popular breeds of dogs- and for good reason. Retrievers are a loveable, friendly, and intelligent animals. For this reason, the breed is a perfect addition to any growing family. Despite their popularity, many are not aware that there are different breeds. This blog post highlights the difference between the golden retriever puppy breeds, and why each retriever breed would make a perfect addition to any home.

1. Canadian Golden Retriever

The Canadian golden retriever does look somewhat different than the other types of golden retriever breeds. That’s because, a Canadian golden retriever that is generally shorter and thinner than its counter parts. The hair does not tend to be quite as fluffy when compared to the other varieties as it lays flatter to the dog’s body.

In addition to the difference in the coat, the Canadian golden retriever breed differs in height. That’s because the Canadian golden tends to be slightly taller than the others. This good looking dog breed has been known to grow as much as up to 2 inches taller.

2. British Golden Retriever

The British golden retriever is most well-known for its coat. The coat on the British golden retriever tends to be fluffy and long. As well, their coats tend to be much softer when compared to other breeds of goldens (for example the Canadian golden). British golden retrievers are most like the American golden, as they both share in temperament, size and coat. The largest different with the British golden retriever breed is in their build.

This retriever breed tends to have a much broader skill. This makes their facial features appear to be much more powerful. They tend to have rounder and darker eyes when compared to the other breeds.

3. Curly-Coated Retriever

The main difference that makes curly-coated retrievers stand out is its fur. The fur on this breed is just as its name describes: curly. Moreover, the coats consist of tightly coiled fur. Plus, this type of fur is waterproof due to its tightness.

4. Flat-Coated Retriever

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Just as the name describes, the flat coated retriever has a long coat that lies flat to the body of the dog. Just like the other retriever breeds, this dog is the perfect companion for a family. They are fun, loving, and energetic. The main difference when compared to the other breeds is in their facial features. This breed tends to have a more distinct type of a face. When compared to the other breeds of golden retrievers the face of the flat-coated retriever tends to be much longer and slender.

This retriever breed tends to be highly intelligent and is very trainable. Although they can be trained, it is best to be sure that anyone deciding on a flat-coated retriever will be able to dedicate the adequate amount of time and energy into it.

5. American Golden Retrievers

The American golden retriever does have some notable differences when compared to the other varieties of retrieves. To begin, the stature of the American golden does differs slightly. They are much lankier, and slimmer when compared to the other breeds. Although they are lankier, this breed also tends to be much more muscular.

Their coats are also darker when compared to their counterparts. Despite their darker shade, the American gulden’s fur is just as wavy. As well, their eyes do tend to be lighter, and more of a triangular or slanted shape as opposed to the circular shape of their counter parts.