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7 Cool Limos Around the World


Some people are adamant that the journey is oftentimes better than the destination. The act of traveling feels like a great adventure sometimes, filled with fun and excitement as you pass the world by, seeing new things with each new mile. One of the many ways to enhance that experience is to truly travel in style.

Among the most stylish ways to travel is the limousine. The standard limo can range from your average, run of the mill status symbol to something a bit more outlandish, but what about the limos that are exotic and one of a kind?

There are more than a few incredibly cool examples of limousines. Let’s take a look at seven cool limos around the world:

1. Armor Horse Vault XXL

This cool limo is for those who value security even at party time. The Armor Horse Vault XXL is something of a tank for the high class world. Complete with your average limo features, such as beautiful LCD screens, a high tech sound system and a wet bar, this beast of a machine will also protect from many types of firepower. This protection is due to a frame of G-40 grade steel and bulletproof windows.

Hopefully, you will never need that level of protection while trying to relax, but the Armor Horse Vault is certainly an option to those who do.

2. The Batmobile Limousine

A treat for all fans of the dark knight of Gotham, this stylish limousine has been altered to look like a ride fit for a hero. Naturally, it includes multiple seats and room enough for any sidekicks you may want to bring with you.

Plus, it’s hard not to stand out when you roll up to your destination in a car with wings and what appears to be a jet engine poking out of the hood.

3. Grand Prix Limousine

Super cars are legitimately incredible vehicles all on their own. This cool limo deserves its legendary status. Offering seven seats for passengers and a driver, the Grand Prix limo will grant your party the authentic super car experience of traveling at dazzling speeds while being able to take in the experience as a passenger.

4. The Boeing 727 Limo

It’s pretty hard to miss the nose of a Boeing 727 cruising down the road. Although wingless, this converted plane body is still the definition of huge.

The limo is large enough to accommodate up to 40 people while still having room for a sunken living room, a fireplace, a heart shaped bed, a dance floor, and even a private back room. It may not fly anymore, but it can pretty much do anything else you wish it to.

5. The DeLorean Limousine

Nostalgia can really pack a punch when it comes to measuring how interesting something is. While some fans of the classic film trilogy Back to the Future may end up drooling over this beautiful interpretation of the beautiful time machine, it’s safe to say more than a few people who aren’t huge fans will still at least recognize the iconic car.

With seating for six people, including the driver, you’ll be able to take a small party back in time to 1985 when you board this beauty. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be able to fly just yet, however.

6. Infiniti QX56 Limousine

While some of our previous entries have been a bit silly or outlandish, the Infiniti QX56 limo exudes a sleek, respectable air of elegance. Along with the sheer coolness of the ride, you can expect to enjoy many limousine staples such as beautiful lighting, ample room for 20 passengers, and a bar for all of your beverage needs.

This cool limousine doesn’t need bright colours or outrageous body mods to stand out. One look at this machine will have plenty of heads turning to see who could possibly be exiting such a vehicle.

7. The Sultan of Brunei’s Rolls Royce Silver Spur Limo

Many exotic limos are expensive, and almost all at least cost a pretty penny to enjoy. However, this stunner of a limousine takes the word “decadent” and places it on an entirely new level. Covered in 24 carat gold, the vehicle also features a rear coach seat cloth canopy, as well as extensive gold decorative trimmings.

In other words, a fender bender in this limo wouldn’t be in the best interest for the driver. As you can imagine, the interior offers many more features that only make the ride from A to B that much more comfortable and lavish. You can see this gorgeous car coming from a mile away, but the overall style will have you watching well after it has passed you by.