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8 Biggest Dump Trucks in the World


It’s undeniable that a good truck can be extremely useful in a variety of ways. To some, trucks are not only a vehicle, but also a vital tool to everyday life. However, for a truck to be effective, it has to be big enough to handle whatever your life throws at it.

Bigger trucks doesn’t necessarily mean better, but you can rest assured that you will always be able to find a truck large enough to help you out. Whether you you need to move mountains or simple furniture, there’s a truck size for that.

Let’s focus on the 8 biggest dump trucks in the world:

1. Belaz 75601

Typically found around construction sites, this truck is perfect for moving rocks and materials from place to place. It also features a good braking system comprised of dry disk brakes for the front wheels and dry double disk brakes for the rear that will help to ensure that no unfortunate accidents occur while construction is ongoing.

Belaz 75601 is one of the biggest dump trucks in the world.
By Ilya Plekhanov / Wikimedia Commons

This is handy, as the truck can reach speeds of nearly 40mph while supporting a load of up to 400 tons.

2. Hitachi EH5000AC-3

This ridge dump truck can support a payload of 296 tons. In it’s time, it has gained a reputation for having some significantly impressive capabilities within the surface mining industry.

Hitachi EH5000AC-3 is one of the biggest dump trucks in the world.
Screenshot from YouTube

It has proven to be a smart and reliable solution to many problems found at mining sites worldwide, thus making it a noteworthy truck of incredible size. Featuring a Hitachi Drive Control System, the EH5000AC-3 handles like a dream and can support some pretty speedy movement thanks to it’s high powered engine. Plus, it’s rather durable thanks to it’s strong, well structured body.

3. Komatsu 960e-1K

Rolling in at a staggering 635 tons, this monster is so big that it is typically only assembled on the required site of work. One of the unique things about this truck is that it allows for easy customization. For this reason, it can be known to support a payload capacity of up to 400 tons.

Komatsu 960e-1K is one of the biggest dump trucks in the world.
Screenshot from YouTube

As you can imagine, that’s quite a few couches that can be transported, or it can move a large amount construction materials from place to place with ease.

4. Liebherr T 282 C

This dumper can support a payload of of 400 tons, as well. However, this truck is a bit heavier than the last entry, as it comes in at a weight of 661 tons. Even so, this mechanical monster can still accomplish anything you need it to when it comes to dumping and moving raw materials.

Liebherr T 282 C is one of the biggest dump trucks in the world.
By René Engel / Wikimedia Commons

Plus, safety is a very conscious thought at the forefront of it’s design, as it features a cab that is easily and safely accessible via a staircase found at the front of the truck.

5. Terex MT 6300AC

At 660 tons, this truck is just a little lighter than that of the Liebherr T 282 C. Unsurprisingly, it also can work with a load capacity of 400 tons. Although, it runs incredibly well even at max capacity due to many great features such as the 20-cylinder, four-stroke engine that includes an electric alternator.

Terex MT 6300AC is one of the largest dump trucks in the world.
Screenshot from YouTube

This allows the engine to supply power to a smaller electric motor that is mounted on the rear axle. Working together, they help these trucks to move relatively quickly under all of that weight.

6. Bucyrus MT 6300AC

One of the biggest trucks so far, the Bucyrus MT 6300AC runs at a weight of 665 tons. While it can handle a payload of around 400 tons, this beast is pretty agile when it reaches speeds of around 40mph. This is thanks to the AC transmission V-20 Detroit diesel engine found in the machine.

Bucyrus MT 6300AC is one of the largest dump trucks in the world.

In short, it’ll get your materials where they need to be sooner rather than later.

7. Caterpillar 797F

Reaching speeds of 42mph when fully loaded, this gorgeous cat is pretty graceful in motion. Weighing in at 624 tons, the 797F can support weights of around 363 tons. The speed reached under all of that weight says quite a bit about the engine that it boasts.

Caterpillar 797F is one of the largest dump trucks in the world.
Screenshot from YouTube

Said engine is a V-20 CAT C175-20 ACERT, which grants this truck a worker’s spirit that tough to beat and is more than reliable when it’s needed.

8. Belaz 75710

Known as the biggest dumper in the world, the Belaz 75710 can run with a payload of 496 tons. Incredibly, despite that payload weight, the truck only weighs 360 tons.

Belaz 75710 is one of the largest dump trucks in the world.
From YouTube

With the help of the diesel engine with a turbo-compressor of 16 cylinders, the Belaz 75710 is able to reach speeds of nearly 40mph. All in all, this marvelous beast is step above many other trucks in quite a few ways.