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Top 13 Strongest Currencies in the World


There are over 150 currencies in the world, with most of them struggling to keep up with the currencies of nations such as the United States. Surprisingly to some perhaps, the United States currency is far from the world’s strongest. Here are the strongest currencies with the highest value:

1. Kuwait’s Dinar ($3.30 USD)

The Kuwait’s Dinar is the strongest currency in the world. The Kuwaiti Dinar originates from this oil-rich country and is the highest valued currency in the world. Despite being a very small country, Kuwait packs a lot of economic punch with massive amounts of wealth located here. Exchanging a single Kuwaiti Dinar is equal to approximately $3.30 US.

2. Bahrain’s Dinar ($2.70 USD)

The Bahraini Dinar is the second strongest currency in the world. This currency is coded with the letters BHD and is the currency of Bahrain. Boasting a population of over 1 million people, Bahrain’s biggest financial strength comes from oil exports fielding out into the world’s markets. A single Bahraini Dinar is valued at $2.70 US.

3. Oman’s Rial ($2.60 USD)

Known as the third strongest currency in the world, the Omani Rial that carries with it a high value for the Middle Eastern region. Located on the Arabian Peninsula, the population of Oman generally lead very healthy, high quality, and wealthy lives. The currency is so valuable in Oman that the region actually carries 1/2 bank notes and 1/4 banknotes. With a OMR currency code, a single Omani Rial is equal to $2.60 US.

4. Jordan’s Dinar ($1.41 USD)

Jordan boasts one of the strongest currencies in the Middle East and has the JOD-coded Jordanian Dinar as a representation of that. It is not known why Jordan’s currency is as strong as it is as Jordan lacks a lot of the same resources neighbouring countries have and it isn’t as economically developed either. A single Jordanian Dinar is worth $1.41 US.

5. The UK’s Pound ($1.33 USD)

The British Pound is still one of the strongest currencies in the world, despite all of the economic uncertainty surrounding Brexit. Although the currency has fluctuated significantly over time, a British Pound exchanged will still net you approximately $1.33 US.

6. Gibraltar’s Pound ($1.33 USD)

The Gibraltar Pound has a currency code of GIP. It is one of the highest valued currencies in the world that not a lot of people are aware of. A single Gibraltar Pound is equal to $1.33 US.

7. Cayman Islands’ Dollar ($1.20 USD)

The Caymanian Dollar has a currency code of KYD and is one of the more economically stable currencies on this list. Part of the reason why the Cayman Islands’ Dollar carries with it such a value is because of it being the world’s top tax haven. Supporting numerous banks working inside it, all of this financial activity has only benefited the regions’ currency. Exchanging a single Cayman Island Dollar will get you $1.20 US.

8. European Union’s Euro ($1.16 USD)

The EU Euro is used across twenty-six different European Union nations and maintains a currency code of EUR. After the collapse of the German currency, the Euro is Europe’s greatest hope when it comes to maintaining currency stability. Value continues to grow dramatically with each decade that passes. A single Euro is equal to $1.16 US.

9. Switzerland’s Franc ($1.02 USD)

The Switzerland Franc is unique in the sense that the country is a part of Europe and has signed numerous treaties with the European Union to participate in the union’s single market. Even so, Switzerland maintains its own currency called the Franc with a currency code of CHF. Comparatively, the Franc is equivalent to $1.02 US. Switzerland remains a very wealthy country with one of the world’s most efficiency banking systems.

10. United States’ Dollar ($1.00 USD)

The US Dollar has a currency code of USD, and is the world’s business currency thereby making it the most powerful and popular by many standards. There is no currency that comes as close as the United States’ in its international influence. It is so influential that most countries around the world accept US currency.

11. Canada’s Dollar ($0.73 USD)

Canada’s Dollar has always been closely attached with their neighbor to the south, the United States. Based on how the US is doing economically, that tends to have great effect on the Canadian dollar. Nevertheless, Canada is the world’s fifth largest currency reserve and its Dollar is valued at $0.73 US.

12. Libya’s Dinar ($0.72 USD)

The Libyan Dinar is the strongest currency in Africa currently, based on its purchasing power and US dollar exchange rate. A single Libyan Dinar is valued at $0.72 US.

13. Indian Rupee ($0.01 USD)

The Indian Rupee is easily the weakest currency featured on this list, at least from a traditional financial standpoint. After all, its value to American dollars is only $0.01. Why we’ve chosen to include it however is because it is what is referred to as an emerging currency. A lot of investment has been made in supporting the Rupee in the hopes that it picks up value. From an investment position and on its growth alone this year, the Indian Rupee is the strongest currency in the world when considered within this framework.