8 Best Winter Survival Gift Basket Ideas

The changing seasons each year can bring forth many pros and cons. The spring, for example, can be a time to reset your clothes or activities for warmer weather. Once the fall winds down later in the year, the winter season could change everything. Some winter seasons could be rather harsh.

Should this be the case for your circumstances, having the right items nearby can help with preparation. Or, if you want to ensure a friend or loved one is prepared, construct a winter survival gift basket for them. It could be the difference between a brutal winter versus one that is manageable.

Here are the eight best winter survival gift basket ideas:

1. Gloves

Various body parts may become more prone to the cold than others. Our hands are generally the first to freeze outside in the winter. As a result, your winter survival gift basket should include gloves or mitts of some kind inside it.

These should be of a material that is insulating so that your hands can maintain body heat. Moreover, the gloves can also have various designs if you wish to make them personable. The recipient, after all, could be a young child or a grown adult. Everyone enjoys gift baskets that are customized to their liking!

2. Hot Beverages

For those who wish to spend their time in the winter mostly indoors, there are various ways to keep warm. One of the most common ways to do so is to simply consume our favourite hot drinks. From hot chocolate to tea to espresso, these beverages can generate instant gratification for the consumer.

Fortunately for you, many hot beverages can be put into small packages. Then, add these packages to the base of your gift basket. If you do not know the recipient’s preferred flavours, do not be afraid to throw in a variety of tastes. That way, they can enjoy these for the rest of the season.

3. Moisturizers

Winter is notorious for making those with skin issues sorer throughout the season. The cold air is also dry, which hurts the skin’s ability to maintain moisture. Add some lotion to the gift basket to prevent the skin from drying out more frequently.

Depending on the recipient’s preference, you may have to get scented or non-scented products. In some cases, scented lotion may do more damage to the skin than anticipated. Stick with the ones with prolonged moisture effects, and you will be good to go.

4. Socks

As mentioned previously, body parts, such as the hands, are more prone to cold during the winter. One’s feet are another part of the body with this same vulnerability. So, your winter survival gift basket should include a pair of socks. These allow the feet to remain warm, even in brutally cold temperatures that the winter is known for.

Socks, like their glove counterparts, can come in various materials too. Try to obtain a pair that allows the recipient’s feet to stay extra warm. Wool is one of the best materials, as it helps to maximize insulation in short bursts of being worn.

5. Medicine

Unfortunately, the winter brings forth more potential for a person to fall ill. As such, it does not hurt to include some over-the-counter medicine inside the gift basket. Lozenges and ibuprofen or tissues can do more good than you’d realize, especially when surviving the cold.

6. Chapstick

Alongside the skin becoming a bit dry during the winter, your lips may also become vulnerable to drier conditions. Chapstick helps circumvent this problem and makes for an awesome gift basket addition!

7. Portable Heaters

One of the tricky parts of working with a gift basket is that you generally have limited space to work with. However, a portable heater can be amazing if you have enough leftover real estate. As the name implies, these are small devices that, when plugged in, emanate heat. It can add to the warm interiors one is already in to make things snugger.

8. Cookie Mix

For those who have kids at home, you may be thinking about ways to occupy their young minds. The winter can be used as a period to bond over certain activities. Cookie mix can allow families to bake a treat together while surviving the cold. It is a great way to bring loved ones together while also consuming a tasty snack!