How to Pack Quickly for a Move

People tend to plant roots in areas where they have family, and this gives you a sense of identity and belonging that is hard to match. There are times, however, when you need to make a rapid change and move in a short period.

Whether relocating for a new job, moving to care for a sick relative or wanting a safer location to raise your family, you may need to quickly transition from one home to another. To help aid you in this journey, we have put together some tips for packing and moving quickly.

1. Sort and Purge

Humans are pack rats, and we tend to collect a lot of stuff over the years. Unless you are a dedicated minimalist, you likely have many unnecessary things for everyday life. The best way to deal with this is by quickly deciding what you need in your new home.

Focus on one room at a time and sort through everything as you pack. Have five types of boxes:

  • Keep These are must-have things you use in your daily life.
  • Sell Gently used items that you can turn into cash through Craigslist or Facebook marketplace.
  • Donate Any useful items that you feel compelled to give away.
  • Recycle Something unusable but not garbage.
  • Trash This stuff has had its day and is ready to be thrown in the trash.

As you go through things, be realistic about what is needed in your new place and purge everything else. Once you get to your new place, you can start accumulating again if you want to.

2. Moving Containers

When moving, you must consider the logistics of transporting your stuff to your new home. It could be down the road or across the country, but it is always a hassle to find people to help out with the move. The other option is hiring a moving company to come in and do the heavy lifting. That works, but it costs a lot and may not be within budget.

A better choice is to get a portable storage container. These containers are delivered to your home and can be dropped on your driveway for easy access. Then as you pack a box, you can immediately carry it into the container and load it as you go. This is fast and efficient and helps clear out your home quickly.

You can get a container delivered a few days before the move and load it up ahead of the big day, so it is a less frantic move. Then once you are fully packed, simply call the company, and they will pick up the container and either store it for you at their facility or deliver it directly to your new place.

3. Pack Per Room, Not In Groups


When you have lots of time to pack up a home, it’s nice to group things in boxes. This way, you know what you have, making it easier to go through on the other end. Things like shoes, books and toys travel well together, and you can spend time making all your boxes tightly packed.

For a quick move, pack according to the room. This will cause you to bundle everything together, and while it may seem less efficient, it’s faster. You don’t have to bring your belongings out, decide what specific box to place them in, and repeat this throughout the house.

You simply load up boxes in one room, label them, and you are done. Then when you get to your new place, they go directly into their intended room where they belong.

4. Get Your Moving Boxes From The Grocery Store

You can buy new cardboard boxes, which is great for packing up your home, but your local grocery store covers you when you need to move quickly.

They go through many boxes daily, and they are ideal for moving. Apple and banana boxes are best because they are uniform in size and very sturdy. And the best part; they are free. You can stop by on your way home from work or while out and easily assemble all the necessary moving boxes.

5. Have an Essentials Bag for Every Family Member

Moving is chaotic; important things can get lost in the shuffle when you are under the gun. Before you pack your main items up, assemble an essential bag filled with must-have stuff you need in the short term. Every house member should have one, and they can include items like:

  • Toiletries
  • Important documents
  • Medication
  • Phone charger
  • Change of clothes
  • Kid’s favourite toys
  • Snacks

Anything else you think you may need during the chaos of a rapid move can be included. Let your kids decide what they want to add, and keep these separate from the rest of the moving boxes and bags.

This is how to pack and move quickly. It’s hard enough to relocate your home when you have lots of time, but for a fast turnaround, use these tips to make the move more efficient and less stressful.