Roof Installations: 5 Benefits of Sheet Metal Roofing

People have traditionally installed asphalt shingles on their homes. While this is still a popular choice among homeowners, there has been a gradual shift towards houses with metal roofs. The advantages of metal roofing include an impressive selection of materials, such as aluminum, copper, or galvanized steel.

If you are considering metal roofing options for your new home, you may be interested in the benefits of houses with metal roofs. Metal roofing can be an excellent material choice and just may be the best roofing option for you for numerous reasons. Let’s explore the different benefits and advantages of sheet metal roofing. We will explain why you should get this type of roofing installed.

Below are the five advantages and benefits of houses with metal roofs:

1. Houses with Metal Roofs Have High Life Expectancy


Traditional asphalt roofing has a usual life expectancy of 15 to 20 years which was considered impressive when homeowners first started using them, but compared to metal roofing the latter is a better option.

An advantage of metal roofing is that it often comes with an extensive warranty and has a life expectancy of anywhere from 40 to 70 years before replacement may be necessary, proving itself to be a superior option when compared to asphalt shingles in terms of longevity. While houses with metal roofs can be more expensive than other roofing options, it will last significantly longer, allowing a homeowner to avoid replacing a roof as often.

2. Metal Roofs Are Durable


Steel is arguably the strongest material in the world and for this reason it has become a popular option for roofing. Panels used for metal roofing are able to withstand high winds, hail, torrential rains, snow, and even fire. They will not rot, crack, or split and is resistant to insects and pests. While occasional maintenance is often necessary for asphalt roofing due to shingles splitting or falling off, metal roofing is low maintenance, allowing you to avoid spending time and money to repair your roof as needed.

Not only will a metal provide an effective defense against the elements, it will increase the resale value of your home as houses with metal roofs are desirable to buyers due to their durability and longevity.

3. Houses with Metal Roofs Are Energy Efficient


Houses with metal roofs can allow a homeowner to enjoy some benefits relating to energy efficiency. An asphalt roof is primarily made of paper components and slowly degrade due to all types of weather. On houses with metal roofs, the panels reflect the rays of the sun away from the house in the summer, saving air conditioning costs by 10 to 25 percent.

In the winter, the radiant heat of the home reflects off the metal roof from the inside and keeps the heat in the house, allowing homeowners to save considerably on heating costs.

4. Metal Roofs Are Environmentally Friendly

When asphalt shingles are removed, the only option for disposal is transporting them to a landfill site and billions of pounds per year are disposed of in this manner. This is not the case with metal roofing. Composed of 25 to 95 percent recycled materials, metal roofing is a more environmentally friendly choice.

As mentioned, a homeowner can count on a metal roof lasting up to seven decades, but when the time comes to replace a roof, a new metal one can be replaced directly over the old panels. If a homeowner chooses to dispose of their old metal roof, it can easily be recycled by a scrap metal manufacturer and repurposed.

5. Metal Roofs Are Versatile


When someone thinks of a metal roof, an image of a dull, grey, industrial eyesore often comes to mind. An advantage of metal roofing is its versatility, so it can be customized with many styles and colours to choose from.

Roofing options include modern or classic designs and can be manufactured to appear like wood, clay, tile, slate, or shingle. No matter what your home looks like, you will definitely be able to purchase a metal roof that matches it perfectly.