Special Delivery: 5 Best Practices When Ordering Flower Deliveries

Is romance in the air? Or do you just want to liven up your drab, dreary humble abode?

Whatever your situation may be, one thing you can do is to order a nice bouquet of flowers. Many people have no idea how much flowers can improve their living spaces. Whether it is a vase of sunflowers or a bunch of roses, flowers will inevitably spruce up your home. Due to their impressive efficacy, consumers take advantage of flower delivery services. Many of these businesses have excellent inventories, impeccable customer service, and dependable deliverymen.

Is it as simple as placing order? Well, there are certain aspects that you should be aware of to get the best bang for your buck and to ensure you’re getting immaculate products.

Here are five things to know before ordering a flower delivery:


1. Yes, It Would be Smart to Tip

Why are we always so confused and embarrassed about tipping? Yes, in other countries it isn’t customary, but in Canada it’s a custom to give a tip for a service.

Ditto for floral delivery.

For your typical normal-sized bouquet of flowers, you should expect to tip the deliveryman between $2 and $5. If it is a massive order, then it would be kind to tip at least $10. Also, be sure that it is in cash, which makes it easier for the individual dropping off your flowers.

2. Order Flowers from Your Neighbourhood

When you want to get the freshest flowers possible, then there is one simple trick you can employ: order flowers from your neighbourhood flower shop.

This is a smart measure because then you know your flowers are really fresh. If you’re ordering from a flower store that is located in the other end of town, or you’re somewhere else in the region, then you won’t get fresh lilies or tulips.

3. Take Advantage of Colours

Take a gander outside: it is pure misery. Subzero temperatures, endless snowfall, no sun. This is what Old Man Winter gives Canada at this time of the year.

One refuge is to order flowers. But be smart about it: take advantage of flowers with colour. For instance, rather than ordering red roses, you can order red, white, yellow, pink, and lavender.

The more colours, the better it is for your home.

4. Do Qualified Florists Have Five Promises?

Every qualified flower shop makes five important promises to every customer:

  • They blend the colours.
  • They respect the client’s budget.
  • They honour the time of delivery.
  • They try to choose the best flowers to suit their needs.
  • They offer value for price.

When you’re searching for the best flower shop, you must find out if they make these pledges.

5. Flowers Can Suit Any Occasion

Many consumers are unsure if flowers can suit a particular occasion. Should you send flowers to a funeral? Can you gift flowers for a baby shower? What about flowers at a wedding?

To be honest, flowers can match any occasion, primarily because it’s the thought that counts.

In the end, it doesn’t matter when you send them. It matters that you send them. So, don’t be concerned that you erred by sending flowers at Christmas, on a birthday, or during baptisms.

Flowers help give us a little boost. The smell, the freshness, the visuals. Flowers can achieve a lot of different things: spruce your home, lift your spirits, and cheer your spouse up. These are all worthwhile goals, and that is why you should certainly purchase more flowers. Just be sure that you know how to properly order posies from a flower delivery store.